Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rt. 3...detour

Yesterday we ventured off the beaten path of Rt. 66 and drove the Grand Canyon...One of the tope 5 breath-taking things I have ever seen...there isn't a whole lot I can say about what I saw...and the pictures barely do it justice...but I will let the pictures try to tell you what I cannot:

After the Grand Cayon we made our way bk onto Rt. 66 and found probably one of the greatest motels you could ever stay in...who wouldn't want to stay in a teepee...

I mean really...and the vintage cars to top it
off gotta love it :)

After the wigwam motel, we went on a search for a giant jackrabbit with larte white pointy took awhile...but we soon found it...

And I tamed it...I ain't afraid of no rascally jackrabbit

So...I hiked around the Grand Cayon...visited the indians...tamed a wild beast...and then paid an expensive toll to see a forest, that's not so much a forest really...but it was still beautiful and well worth the time and you will see a few pictures from the petrified forest and painted desert...enjoy:

Day 3 was a beautiful day!! Too beautiful to put into words...I hope the few pictures I picked out gives you a glimmer of our day yesterday...keep watching the blog...I will post today's events tomorrow...I'm super tired tonight...we drove from Alburuerque, New Mexico to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today and tomorrow we will be heading to Southern Illinois with more great sites to see. Night :)

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