Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rt. 2

Route 66...the mother road...what I was hoping for and expecting all road...nothing for miles and miles around :) Today was a much better day of driving. More sites to see...more ground covered...we actually made it out of California!! (Mom didn't like Cali too much...she couldn't wait to be out of there...for me it was mixed...I'm all about making good time and getting plenty of road behind me...but California has been a fairly big chapter in my life, so I was sad to see it go.

Ready to see some of the things I saw along the way from Arcadia to Kingman? Too late...I'm going to show you whether you like it or not:

Wide open spaces...nothing but hot desert for miles and miles. If I ever decide to drive Rt. 66 again remind me to NOT drive it in the dead of summer...with no air conditioner...and a car that likes to overheat (meaning you have to drive a good part of the desert with the heat on)...but that's what memories are made of right?!?

Newbury Springs took my mom and I by surprise...we both did a double take...then a fast U-turn so I could back and take these pictures...It looks like a memorial to the town:

Dedicated to the town that once stood here...Newbury :)

Ambroy - motel, diner, gas station, memorabilia...another little town in the middle of nowhere California...

That's just a bit of what I saw today...can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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