Saturday, May 02, 2009

broken hearts unite

it amazes me to find out how many people have been affected by sucide. how many people have lost somesone close to them in this fashion? i never realized how prevelant this disease was until more recently. how many people do i come in contact with on a daily basis that have no hope? hopelessness...desperation...pain, oh so much can one touch all those that are hurting so? Lord you are our are our Hope...Lord this pain inside of me is almost more than i can bear and i lean on you. Lord i just don't understand. there are so many questions...

yet we don't always get the answers...but you surround us with people who have felt the same pain...the same questions...the same provide comfort in through those people. people who can come up beside you, put their arm around you and tell you: " i know what it feels like i don't understand either, but i'm here for you."

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