Friday, April 18, 2008

don't forget to smell the roses...

I was in the process of writing an e-mail to a friend this morning...and this title hit me..."don't forget to smell the roses." Then I remembered something one of my friends told me earlier this week - "Sarah, walk." You know that whole 'be still' concept...well I kinda suck at it. If I'm not doing something then my mind goes into spins with everything I'm not doing and should be doing or want to be doing. I forget to thank God for the wonderful things He has done for me today...I neglect to wonder at His glories all around me. I am trying to find ways to 'smell the roses.' I don't want to go through life not having expeirenced it. So, what do I do...well this week, I try to walk to work a little bit slower...i close my eyes and feel the sun...I look around at the trees, the sky, the mountain and let my breath get taken away.
You know I read somewhere about how children can spend hours marveling on one seemingly insignificant have that childlike wonder again...and oh, how we as adults push that mentality away. We have to doddling...come on, lets go's hard to remember to smell the roses or even want to when you get rebuked for it, whether by someone else or even by your own self. Someone asked once..."What are we all running to anyways, why are they in such a hurry."
When you get caught up in the business of the day ask yourself two questions...(1) Why am I running? (2) Did I smell the roses today?

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