Sunday, March 04, 2007

at the airport

hi all!! here i am...waiting at the airport in portland...waiting to board my plane and come home. and i have to say, that i am excited!! i am excited to see the chicago skyline as the plane lands tonight...i am excited to sleep in my own bed...i am excited to see and spend time with people i love and care for and haven't seen in a week :) i know it has only been a week...but still i missed them very much! and i am excited to start my new job on tuesday...
this last week was such a blessing :) i got some very much needed rest. this week was completely stress worries whatsoever...something i haven't had in a long while and i am grateful for it :) tif, my old roomate from wisconsin, and i had a great week together...she was a great blessing was so nice to spend time with her and catch up and see how life has been treating her and what not. we went out and celebrated new beingings in a unique way...let's just say that i marked this transition in my life...(you might be able to see it in the picture...if not you'll understand when i see you all)
i am ready to take on this next step in my life...and where it might lead i haven't the slightest clue...but i am expecting great and marvelous things...oh, and i am sure that there will be hard things in there too...cause let's be honest how else would i grow...we all know i can be a bit stubborn :) anyways...please keep praying for me during this time of transition and what not...that i will contiune to seek out God's purpose in the everyday and the here and now...thank you all...see you when i get home...have to run i will be boarding soon!


Amanda said...


Demelza said...

New zealand misses youuuuu!!!!!!!!!' Come back SARAH!!!!

Glad to here you are well!!
Much love

Lauren Vernon said...

Hello Sarah! Its good to hear an update. I need one of these blog things but I have a myspace so that works. Anyway, coffee shop sounds fun. I wanted to put another blurb about Doe River Gorge for this summer they are looking for some strong leaders and you never know it could be fun for just the summer. Also if you have never seen Whale Rider you need to see it. Its all about New Zealand and was filmed there. I got so excited watching it! o.k. so this is a really long comment but Oh Well, Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You are home. I am glad. I'm also glad to hear you had a restful time while away. I am looking forward to seeing you and perhaps spending some time with you. Let me know how the new job is going. I pray for you often, and I love you always.

Grandma Gwen

Tpinkous said...

Just letting you know I'm still back here. Somewhere.

Watching from the shadows and stuff. :P

Looking forward to coming back in May, and since this is one of the only ways to see a slice of life back home, it gives me less to catch up on. And you can be sure that John's coffee shop will be one of the first places I show up upon my return.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I plan to do the exact same trip on my birthday! (Portland to see a college friend, celebrating new beginnings) :) I hope that my trip is as stress free as yours!
-- Em