Wednesday, September 23, 2009

where do you hide?

people hurting everywhere i look....but they are trying to hide and mask the pain. some peoples masks are better than others...some hide behind fears...some hide in craziness....some hide out in the open in large groups of people acting like nothing is wrong...some where there hurt as scars on their arms and legs...some are so entrenched in the hurt they can't see a way out of it...some people are hurting so much that everything around them seems hopeless and they give up all together...some people just shut down and shut out life...some make jokes and hide behind many people ever really deal with the pain and move on in life? how many people just stay hidden behind their facades...afraid of what might happen if they let down the facade...if they face the pain and the hurt...can some people even hide in the guise of getting help? pain and suffering are life's staples...can anyone ever really move past them all? it's just too much to hope for i think sometimes...i don't know...all i know is that i see hurting people all around me...and from this i cannot hide...

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