Sunday, January 28, 2007

encouraging words

i know that this is unusual for me to write within such a short time...but i really wanted to share about my this weekend at camp we have one group in...pni...this group comes out to camp every summer and winter...and through my time here i have come to know and cherish various different people in this group...well, i have been struggling with remembering my purpose for being here...i'll be honest, lately i have been going through the motions...doing what i know i need to do but longing for that passion i once had...and throughout this weekend God has used the leaders in this group to encourage and refresh me...God has used this time to show me a glimpse of what He has done through me during my time here...and i was just blown away...i think that many people much like myself have a hard time remembering, let alone seeing the bigger picture...and when we forget about that picture and only see what is right around us day in and day out we miss out on something joyous...something i don't even know how to explain...we can lose our drive to make our part of the picture vibrant and unique...we fall into conforming to what's around us because, let's be honest, it is easier...we don't have to think about it or go against the flow...and just end up floating along...that is where i have been...but God is stirring something within me...something that hasn't been awaken in awhile...i don't know how to put it into words...i don't know if there are words for it...but please be in prayer for me...
again i just wanted to thank you all for your encouragement and prayers as of late has done wonders for my soul...really and truly...thank you sooo much...and my prayer for all of you is that God will encourage and bless you all as much and more than He has used you all to bless me...i hope you all have a wonderful week :)

(side note...i met this pretty great worship leader this weekend...his name is thomas dickerson...we had a nice chat about being filled with Jesus and reaching out to those around us in a non-conforming way...anyways, he has a huge passion for seeking those who don't know Jesus...i mean really know Him personally...and he has been blessed with the opportunity to start off in the music is through a new secular publishing company...but God has some neat things in store for all those is exciting for him...all this to say, he has a cd coming out soon..."calling all nations"...look for it...i think you will enjoy it.)

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Anonymous said...

My Darling Sarah ... Romans 8:28 says "We know that in ALL THINGS God works to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose." You are in an "all things" place, and He allows you to be there to facilitate growth and strength and deeper dependance on Him. The stress of where you are right now is causing you to think and hunger ... it is that brokeness that God uses to strenghten His people in the way that He wants them to be strong ... not in themselves and their own pride or agendas, but in Him. When you feel weak, then He is strong. When all comes into alignment again and you feel your purpose you will look back to this day and see how God used it to His glory. Take courage, have hope, and above all listen to what He is saying to you right now through prayer, His word, and His people.
I love you, Sarah.
-- Em