Thursday, August 24, 2006

summer goodbyes

look at this motly crew :) pretty hot stuff if you ask me :) this was our summer staff...three have left us to go back to school(tom on the far left; peter in the middle; and emily sitting behind peter and i) and one more will be saying goodbye on saturday(daniel on the far right)...sad day :( camp is going to be so quiet without them...and if any of you are reading this...i just want to say that i miss you heaps and thank you for one of the best summer''s i have had in a long time. :P you all are amazing and God has used each of you in more ways than you can possibly know. wade(front) and april(front) and tim(2nd to end on left) and i are here for the long hall. we will be the crew to push forward throughout the fall , winter and spring. i'm excited for the opportunity i have to work full time with them. we all have a lot of different visions for this upcoming year...i'm am stoked to see God work thorugh each and every one of us.

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Tim and/or Abby said...

What's up chick??? You're blog is moving a little slow. I should call but if I don't it's not cause I didn't think of you it's probably that my kid just started screaming. :) much love!