Friday, June 09, 2006

quarentined and craziness

summer has come at last!!! for the last two weeks i have been involved in summer staff training/bonding (or as we have come to affectionately call it staff "bondage"). we are gearing up for our busy summer season here at dickson valley camp. and despite the sarcasm...i really have enjoyed the time i have been able to spend with this summer's staff. we have a phenomonal team :) i am excited to watch God work through this community this summer! things have been a bit chaotic...but after tomorrow it will all start winding down (well winding down for summer anyways). tomorrow is one of my dearest friend's wedding...i can't believe she is getting married...then she is moving to nebraska...crazy...i am truely excited for her and incredibly extatic for her...but at the same time i am going to miss her like none other :( but that is is full of change...and if it wasn't how boring would that be.
speaking of change...guess i should let you in on how God has changed the direction i have been heading in latley. first off, as of right now i am not pursuing school full time. up until sunday i was pursuing an internship with a program called leadertreks. this was a two-year program based out of wheaton. this program worked hand in hand with youth groups, building leaders by planning, preparing and running wilderness and mission trips...and some other stuff to boot. i had an interview and was all stoked about going. that is where i wanted to be...but God has other plans. i found out sunday morning that i did not get that position. so now i am not sure as to what God has in store for the future. i was disappointed and yet joyful that God had answered my prayer by closing the door. to be honest, since sunday i haven't thought too much about what i should pursue next...part of the reason being i have been too busy to do so...oh, well. i did however, get an e-mail from the director of the camp that i worked at in new zealand. he asked if i wanted to come back for their summer season...i could use some prayer about this...i just don't know. i have a huge desire to go back...and yet i am who knows...only God...and he will tell me when the time is right. :)
on a different new found roomates/flatmates are GREAT!!! emily and april...all of us girls are hosts for the summer. emily is originally from africa...her parents are missionaries over there. currently she lives with her brother in new york during the school season...april is from south dakota...she has moved to dickson for the long hall...she will be staying on full time after summer is over. also, we got another full time staffer...a mantainence man to be percise. tim, he is a wonderful addition to this fine community. as to the rest of the staff...tom p. is still working here and is humorous as always...peter (emily's brother) also from africa and is the youngest on the team...and daniel another one from africa...this whole group has very much a take charge attitude...again i expect GREAT things from this summer to come.
what else can i my birthday is coming up...not too long from now and i will be this year fly by...oh, if you think about it i would love some prayer on this whole adventure weekend i am trying to put together for the jr. highers at my church. i have a few interested if i coule only get them to commit...just pray that God's hand will take over the whole thing. whatever happens, happens...and God will be glorified for it! :) well i should stop babbling...i hope all is going well with you...let me know what is going on in your lives when you get the oportunity...hope to hear from you all soon. :)

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Tim and/or Abby said...

Sarah, well sorry to hear you still don't have a lot of answers about the future. Hang in there. Do you think it's better to not know where you're going or know and be totally afraid - cause we could trade maybe. Contentment in every situation, I guess that's our goal. Praying for you.