Sunday, March 05, 2006

throw a wrench in it...

well, it is sunday again...the last two weeks have just flown is crazy to think about all that has happened since my last blog :) where to start??? how about with mississippi...since before new years i have been praying that God would open the door for me and a small team to go down south and help serve a community still suffering from the effects of hurricane katrina. God has opened that door! :) gautier, we come :) it has really been amazing to watch God put this trip together. my desire was to go down over spring break...but for a few days i was starting to doubt that was going to next desire was to take a small team down with me...again there were a couple of days i doubted that was going to happen as well..."oh, ye of little faith..." my God is a GREAT BIG GOD!! :) He works out His will every time. within a week God provied me with a place to go, a team to go with, the money to get down there and even a reliable van to drive!! how cool is that?!? i've just been in awe...this past friday however i was put to the test again...i recieved a phone call from my contact in mississippi. she informed me that somethings had changed over the last week and it was looking like we were not going to be able to go down. needless to say i was shocked!! stunned actually...i didn't know what to think or do for a few minutes...i mean i was in the middle of writing a paper for school that i had been putting off all week (did i mention i am a horrible procrastinator...). i was trying to figure out whether or not i should try to finish my paper then figure out what to do or something like that...i opted to for go the paper and pursue God to find some answers. "where were we going to go?; what ws i going to tell my team?; can i find another place to go?; everybody is going to be sooo dissapointed...Lord you pulled everything into place...and now you're closing the door...i...i just don't understand..." these were my thoughts and prayers for the next hour or so...i called a few people and just asked them to be praying with me. before i started work at 1 pm friday, i decided to call back down to the church in mississippi that we were originally going to go to...just to re-clarify that we weren't able to come down...i think i was still in shock and denial...i called...come to find out that within that hour or so i was dazed and confused, things worked themselves out and we are scheduled to leave for mississippi march 12th!! how amazing is God?!?
the last two weeks have just been filled with similar instances...there were multiple things in my life that i thought were under control and i was well on my way down a steady just seemed to make sense...then there goes that wrench...into the machine...what?!? how did that happen? and i am left clueless again...
you'd think that with all God has done and provided for this life of mine, i would have unshakable faith...but i don't...yet God is still in control! despite what i might feel at the time...He is Omniscient and Omnipresent!! AMEN!! :)
i may not understand or even know what God is up to...and i am learning and re-learning that i don't need to...all i have to do is wait, watch and follow when called to do so.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
~Hebrews 11:1~

would you belive is snowing!! :) it was almost flip flop weather yeasterday...and this morning it is snowing...everything is white again :)

well unitl next light of the group on grounds this weekend...i leave you with a 'warm fuzzie': "may God bless you and keep you safe while we are apart. may you be surrounded in His grace and may you feel His love with an abundance." :)

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